B17 Amygdalin 100mg Tablets


Authentic Pure Amygdalin Tablets extracted from raw, bitter apricot seeds. Each tablet contains 100mg of Amygdalin(vitamin b17, laetrile). By Novodalin (NOVT100)

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Where does the vitamin b17 comes from?

You can find vitamin b17 (Amygdalin) in many nuts plants and seeds. Cythopharma B17 supplements are extracted from raw apricot kernels. Inside the pit of the apricot is a small kernel with small amount of a substance called Amygdalin.

Do to modern diets some of us are not getting enough vitamins or nutrients needed  for our body to function properly.  Nutritional supplements have then become a way to satisfy these needs. B17 is one of many substances unfortunately  left out in our diets.

B17 is obtain by a method of extraction then is purified and made in to tablets,  capsules or injections.


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