What Vitamin B17 Is?

Amygdalin, more popularly known as “Vitamin B17” (also known as Nitriloside), is not a vitamin in the strict sense of the word. For a molecule to be called a vitamin, it must meet the following criteria: it must have a different structure than carbohydrates, lipids or proteins, it must be necessary to fulfill a function in the body and it usually must be obtained from the diet, because the human body is not capable of creating it in sufficient quantities, in this sense; it needs to be taken with meals to function properly. Amygdalin (Vitamin B17) is a glycoside-like molecule with beneficial effects on the human body.

apricot seed

Natural food sources with Vitamin B17

This compound is naturally found in the seeds of multiple fruits and nuts, as they are; the apricot, the grape, the apple, the watermelons, certain nuts and in greater quantity it is in the almonds, although it can be chemically synthesized from the amino acid phenylalanine

How to obtain Vitamin B17 Naturally

Currently, the most effective way to know where to find vitamin B17 is in the seeds of the apricot fruit grown in the state of California, Mexico and other Latin American countries.

The apricot is a fruit of Asian origin with a very particular flavor. It can be consumed fresh, directly after being extracted from the tree, although others also choose to eat it in the form of dried fruit, since for some it has a better flavor in this small presentation.

In the following list we will mention which fruits contain vitamin B17, mentioning the most popular and easiest seeds to get in any market.

•Peach •Flax •Spinach •Raspberry •Strawberry •Elderberry •Blackberry •Sesame •Chickpea •Col •Lentils •Watermelon •Beans •Walnuts •Blueberry •Apple •Vetch •Eucalyptus

How to take vitamin B17?

Many people often wonder how to extract vitamin b17 or how to make vitamin b17, but the truth is that the answer to these recurring questions is quite simple, since you only need to have seeds of some of the fruits that we show you in the previous list to be able to access this substance.

Although there are other methods to ingest this substance, the simplest and one that requires less complications is to eat the seeds directly, without any preparation, since the seeds have amygdalin to act in the body.

But of course, if you need to take a high controlled dose without taking a lot of apricot seeds, it is best to consume amygdalin in capsule, tablet or injection form and in this way have control in the amount of amygdalin you take.

Why buy amygdalin tablets or capsules?

There are manufacturers that by an extraction process obtain vitamin b17 (Amygdalin) and make it into concentrated form of tablets, capsules or injections. This way the consumer can take a high dose of amygdalin with out eating lots of seeds. This amygdalin products can be taken in combination with other substances.

In addition, for people who are not adept at consuming fruits, it is also easy to find amygdalin in the form of conventional pills or capsules.

Logically, this makes it much easier for those interested in getting the benefits of vitamin b17. Here you can buy top quality 99% pure vitamin b17 products, without having to leave your home, a fundamental aspect in these times in which you have to take great care due to the pandemic that is hitting the whole world

How does vitamin b17 work?

Amygdalin is still under study, so there are mixed opinions about the effects that this substance can cause in the human body.

To dispel any type of doubt, it is best to go to your trusted doctor and ask him what vitamin b17 is, remember that each human organism has its peculiarities and is capable of reacting in many ways to the intake of some components.

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Multiple seeds and fruit kernels have a large amount of vitamin b17, the main one is the apricot kernel or seed, other seeds with significant amounts of vitamin b17 are the apple, pear and plum. Similarly, it is found in the small seeds of fruits such as berries, grapes, strawberries and raspberries. Bitter almonds have the highest amount of vitamin b17, in second place are cashews and macademia nuts.

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